Every Year Around This Time I Fall In Love🍂

Fall is my absolute favorite or seasons, for the smells, colors, pastries, drinks, and overall fashion!

In Texas we don’t really experience fall weather until well into winter, lol, so it’s fun to be able to mix seasonal clothing!
That’s why I wore this super sweet dress, for the heat of the day, but paired it up with some super fallish boots.
-A good way to stay fall even if the weather doesn’t allow, is through colors, and these dark mustard boots SCREAM autumn! 😍🍂
This month, The Six Bloggers Style Group strapped up our boots, and dressed up for you! Here’s our take, which is your fav?

 Chelsea here likes a good authentic lether pair of booties, and she pared them up with a matching scarf! Similar to my take, but a bit more cozy.

 Oendrilla, like me and Chelsea, decided to blend autumn fashion, but still accomidate to the warm climates of India!
Booties are a super fun and versatile accessorie, dressing them up or down can be super fun. Gabby, Lauren, and Jody decided for jeans, here’s how they did it!
Similarly to the rest of us, it’s still pretty hot for Gabby as well, so she decided to dress her booties down a bit with a relaxed tee, but used them and her jewlwry as her pop of color! 
— what are your thoughts, would you consider this look dressed up or down?






Lauren and Jody here kinda did both! They took the booties, and dressed them in jeans, “pretty casual” you’d think, but no! Lauren’s booties are heels, and Jody classed up her outfit and added the perfect booties to go with! Super cute, super formal, and extra fall!


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